PartnershipsECHOageROAD has partnered with Echoage, an online birthday party service which allows children to learn the value of giving and receiving while celebrating.  ROAD will be one of the Canadian charities that children can choose to support.  Party guests will be invited to make a small monetary donation through Echoage in lieu of a physical gift.  Half of the proceeds will be pooled to purchase one meaningful gift for the child and the other half of the proceeds will be donated to the charity after a small administrative fee is charged.  We feel that that this an exciting way to both spread the word about our organization and to work cooperatively with a company that is allowing children and parents to turn birthday parties into socially mindful celebrations.


HSFROAD would also like to extend a special thank you to the Hans-Seidel-Foundation who has contributed some of the most essential learning tools to the Ste Bernadette Centre:  computers and printers.  Coupled with the ambitions and work ethic of the students at Ste Bernadette, this gift has the ability to equip the students with life changing skills.