Privacy Policy

ROAD is committed to vigorously protecting the privacy of its donors, supporters and other stakeholders.

During the course of our various activities, we may gather and use personal information, such as your name, address and general contact information as well as other demographic information such as gender and age. This information may be obtained directly from you or collected from third parties that have the right to disclose this information to us. Anyone from whom we collect such personal information should expect that it will be carefully protected and that any use of or other dealing with this personal information is (a) subject to express or implied consent or (b) as required by legislation.

ROAD may use the information provided to us for fundraising or related purposes (strictly with respect to ROAD) or to contact you with any updates prepared for the purposes of furthering ROAD’s mission, subject at all times to the exercise of your option to opt-out of such updates.

If you have any questions about the practices of this site, please contact ROAD.