What we doROAD's main objective is to provide support to the Ste Bernadette Centre, a place of refuge for teenage girls escaping forced marriages and other atrocities. Click HERE to find out more about the challenges teenage girls face in Burkina Faso.  As of September 2016, 100+ girls from forced polygamus marriages benefit from services offered at Ste Bernadette. For more information on the Ste Bernadette Centre, click HERE.

What does ROAD do? 

ROAD seeks to address injustices faced by teenage girls in Burkina Faso at various levels.  For example: 

  • By working directly with the local coordinator at the Ste Bernadette Centre to ensure proper use of funds, short and long term planning and support. 

  • By partnering with other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to secure additional funding. 

  • By providing educational opportunities to the girls who call Ste Bernadette Centre their home. 

  • By providing financial resources required to cover teachers salaries and classroom supplies. 

  • By improving accessibility to proper nutrition and medical services. 

  • By ensuring measures are place that promote sanitary environments. 

Our ability and commitment to achieving many of these goals have been in large part due to the efforts of our Board of Directors and the general donations from people like you. The Directors campaign tirelessly to ensure continued funding is available to support the Centre so that the teenage girls under the care of the Centre can be provided with opportunities they would otherwise never receive. 

Governance Info  

Click HERE to visit our Governance Info page



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